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Michelle Sinnema  -The Netherlands

Siddha workshop is for all who feel called to become a better, stronger, more loving and more evolved version of themselves supported by ancient knowledge and the Masters of Siddhaloka. Dani shares the teachings and sciences of the Siddhas in a very humble, loving and yet powerful way. The initiations are powerful, and the set's on many changes on various levels of your being. Helping you to evolve into a perfected being, a perfected Master. You will learn magnificent healing techniques, and many tools will be given to you. After the workshop, I noticed a profound difference in frequency. My frequency level got much higher than it was before the workshop. Since the initiations, I can feel the Sanjevni Shakti channel, Kundalini Shakti channel and my pineal gland constantly. It feels amazingly powerful! I am looking forward to being at service to my world with this beautiful gift. I have always been very interested in the mystic paths which reveal the biggest secrets of life. The science of the Siddhas is one of these paths. I highly recommend this workshop to all who wish to evolve in a very mystic, loving, supported and powerful way! Let the excitement of your heart be your guide! 

Michelle Sinnema -The Netherlands

Amit G- Israel

“You have opened me the door for healing, and I went through it without looking back…”

Dani’s workshop was a very powerful step for me.

I was fortunate to be in 5 workshops with Dani, and it completely changed the way I see life today. The amount of information and knowledge being transferred to me was vast and full of truth. It took me some time to digest all of it and see it in “real life” through experiencing it.

The amount of healing I was going through in this workshop was very big and strong, and in a way, it is liberating from the grip of fear and attachments.

In the last 2 years, I have been giving hundreds of healing sessions, and it is my primary work and mission 

If there is any healing method I would recommend to practice that gives an immediate effect on the patient, this would be IT.

I wish that more and more people would open their heart for this method and spread it around the world.

So please join the family, go to the workshop and see if this is what you were looking for all your life.

Thank you, Dani, for this gift you are spreading.

Love light & blessings

Rick - The Netherlands

I want to express once more my gratefulness for meeting you and the Siddha tradition. It has been a privilege to spend more or less one month in this beautiful space. I feel it launched my spiritual journey profoundly.

The workshop itself was intense. Like a 'spaceship' we sometimes joked about. With its ups and downs. Because the Siddha Healing is a very powerful tool, it brings up negativities and blocks very quickly. And that is exactly what I wanted when I decided to transform myself and get rid of all these things which are not serving me anymore. The beauty I found in this workshop is that not only you receive many benefits of the healing energy. You learn how to channel and direct the healing energy towards other people, animals, planet earth, situations or whatever you want. Of Course, the mind has many doubts in the beginning. But now after some more practice, I can't deny its power and significance anymore. It is the most beautiful tool I found so far on my journey. And Dani is a very loving, dedicated, knowledgeable and patient teacher. He is without a doubt on a journey to transform the world in a loving, healthy and peaceful place.I suggest: Step on board and join Dani in this journey. You won't regret it. Much love and light and I hope we see each other soon.

Much love and light - Rick - 

Pieter Quartero- France

The Siddha Kundalini workshop made me discover universal realms that I perhaps presumed to exist but never got close to. Ever since, my spiritual path has gone gradually deeper and deeper into my true Self, trusting the process and feeling very related to the beautiful energies that surround us wherever we are. 

Channelling the energies for healing purposes with the use of crystals and a mandala is a blissful experience, the process unseen but still very real. To my experience so far, the outcome of each channelling is amazing, every time.  


I opened up to my inner being to a level that I had not reached before and learned to continue my inner journey with a much better insight into where I need to pay attention to. The Siddha tools for me are more than complementary in this respect,

Michael Rummer - Australia 

Personally again I would sincerely like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The experiences I had in your workshop were truly incredible and far surpassed any of my expectations. From the first time of meeting you, I was incredibly intrigued and glad I followed my gut feeling and decided to participate. Your knowledge as a teacher was very humbling and paired with the spiritual experience you provided is priceless. From the first day, it was full power and didn't stop until the very end. Before participating, I had done a lot of reading but not much practice itself, but it did not matter. You explained everything in great detail and ensured everyone had a clear understanding before proceeding to the next topic. Every day we went above and beyond the time frame to ensure that we would fit in as much as possible. I feel incredibly privileged to have taken part in the workshop and to have met you. At such a young age I already have some amazing tools to take forth into my life and not only help myself grow but also help heal others and the planet. I cannot recommend this workshop enough to everyone and hope to stay in touch and meet up again in the future. Not only to show you my own progress but to also hopefully learn more. 

Thank you, Dani and the whole Siddha Lineage it was an absolute pleasure.                                                 Michael Rummer, Australia 

Eva Pircali- Italy

One of the best gifts given to me in life was the workshop from Dani. From the moment I met him, I felt really comfortable and able to open myself to this entirely new experience. I felt Dani as being a person with a beautiful aura around him vibrating lots of peace and tranquillity. He was happy to share his many life experiences and has been for me a source of inspiration. The knowledge he transmitted to me at this two-day workshop cannot be replaced by anything else I feel. During the Siddha Kundalini initiation and meditation, I felt something I probably had never felt before, indescribable nearly. It encouraged me to further learn more about it. Also through learning the Siddha-healing technique, I have been given tools that I can use for the rest of my life, and I am happy to share again. Overall I would surely recommend this workshop and I would re-do it any day. 

Much blessings and love.


 Marcelline Assendelft - France

For many years I had been practicing yoga and meditation (focusing on the awakening of kundalini) and Reiki. 
Also, I loved crystals and had a small collection, without really knowing how to work with them. I just admired them and held them every now and then during meditation. 
One day, a facebookfriend showed his interest in an upcoming event: a Siddha Kundalini Healing retreat in Tuscani. It was just an instant of a flash on the computerscreen, but immediately I knew this was something I wanted to be part of. 
I took the course, and it was more than I ever dreamt of; it was magical! Everything I had been -a bit randomly- searching for and doing up till then, came together in Dani's wonderful teachings in such a beautiful, structured and flowing way... healing... meditation... working with crystals and sacred geometry... and the awakening of kundalini shakti... This ancient knowledge is very much alive, profound and very, very powerful. It has been life changing for me, bringing healing for myself and others and also being a way of going deeper on the spiritual path.

I'm very much looking forward to doing the next level!

Kate Bosher - UK

I did the Siddha Kundalini Healing workshop with Dani being initiated into Siddha Kundalini and it was a very beautiful healing experience. I learned a lot about energy, mandalas and crystals and felt like just being around Dani and his energy has affected mine. I feel like I have a much lighter energy and now some learned tools to help me connect and give my self and others healing. I feel very blessed to have had this experience and a lot of gratitude for Dani and all of the Siddha gurus and masters for passing down this ancient. I highly recommend whether it's for self-healing or healing others it will be a transformative experience.)


Kate Bosher UK 2016

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