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Siddha Journeys


Dani’s core desire is to support people by sharing his wisdom, gifts and tools gained through many years on this path. These technologies have been kept alive for thousands of years through the Siddha lineage and Dani desires to continue to spread this knowledge, bringing these powerful, timeless tools to people who are ready to heal and realise their dreams.

Initiation & Activation

To embark on this powerful, spiritual journey participants should come with an open mind and an open heart. It is a unique opportunity and a great privilege to receive Shaktipat initiation from a Siddha Master, and an experience that should be treated with honour and due respect. Stepping onto the Shaktipath allows you to tap into the cosmic healing energies known as Sanjeevani Shakti. This flow of 32 healing energies has the capacity to go deep into the body-mind-spirit complex, removing negative energies, entities and implants, as well as releasing blockages and clearing past traumas stored in the body. Harnessing the power of kundalini activation in a safe and controlled environment, you will dive deep into your spiritual awakening, and witness the true potential of sacred geometry, crystals and energy healing.

You will not only be the receiver of plentiful love and healing energy throughout this process; you will also be given the tools and knowledge needed to channel energy yourself. You will learn to build mandalas using sacred geometrical symbols, crystals and other tantric and shamanic tools, equipping you with pure, natural and powerful allies to offer healing and support to many others on your path.

Each workshop flows in accordance with its participants and the healing that is undertaken, however you can expect to:

  • Receive sacred Shaktipat initiations to activate and awaken your Kundalini and Sanjaveeni Shakti energies

  • Learn how to cultivate and channel Kundalini energy through your own channel, to use this sacred feminine power for healing          yourself and others

  • Learn and practice various ancient yogic and tantric techniques and meditations that will allow you to go deeper on your path of      healing and transformation

  • Learn to work, activate and programme crystals & awaken your psychic abilities

  • Learn how to use and activate sacred geometry symbols and yantras for psychic work, healing, purification, manifestation,                  meditation, protection and more

  • Learn how to build mandalas of sacred geometric symbols, crystals and other tantric and shamanic tools.

  • Learn the qualities and powers of crystals and stones, coming to know where and when they can be used to enhance healing            energies

  • Learn how to create a sacred space for healing, and learn how to format a one-on-one healing session 


Dani offer each seeker the opportunity to look inside, and to discover within themselves the infinite power and potential to heal and to manifest their greatest dreams. One-on-one healing sessions with Dani provide the space to go even deeper, to journey from the physical plane of this reality to the more subtle planes we can access on our spiritual path. 


This experience is suitable for anyone who is ready and open to go through deep purification and healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is an extremely rewarding process that enables the seeker to access his/her unique power to heal, learn and grow. 


The insight gained and healing undertaken leads to extraordinary results. Dani stresses that this process is not a platform that will leave one reliant on him, but rather it is a chance to realise and learn to take responsibility for ones own suffering and happiness. Recognising that the cause of all suffering and happiness begins in the mind, each seeker is encouraged to overcome the mental and emotional hurdles and blockages in order to heal physical ailments and progress on the spiritual path.


Dani utilises his connection to the Siddha lineage and years of experience working with these sacred technologies to support the process. The key to healing, however, lies in the hands of the receiver. Dani puts importance in the participation of the receiver, stressing that it is only when the receiver is willing to look inside, to face their darkness and their demonds; and find the courage to overcome them that deep purification and healing can take place. Then one is able to understand, to realise the important lessons, to overcome karma, move forward and grow. 

This process is not a quick fix, people need to be prepared to do the work. Dani can guide, support and offer advice, but at the end of the day the key lies within. “Eventually it is a solo mission, each one of us has to walk the path.” Dani says.

Dani sees himself as a mediator, as a clean reflection, a mirror, where people can come and look at themselves and notice their own ability to take responsibility for everything in their life. By creating the right environment and using these phenomenal ancient tools, the conditions are given to allow seekers to open up and realise that they can change their reality. That they can step out of misery into happiness, and towards better health.




If your physical body crosses paths with Dani, a face-to-face healing session is a powerful experience. Each session consists of a minimum of two hours. During this time a comfortable and safe space is created whereby you will be encouraged to share and open up vocally, before being invited to lie down and relax alongside a magnificent mandala of crystals and sacred geometry. 



Each journey is different, though Dani has the ability to remove negative energies, entities and implants, exercise ghosts and spirits from within your personal space, clear past-life karmas, cleanse the chakras, balance hormones, remove physical and emotional pains and stresses, to name a few. The possibilities are infinite. 


Sessions start at 130 Euros but may be subject to change



Their are no limitations concerning time and space when it comes to the power of channelling. Dani is able to channel the power of the Siddha lineage and psychically connect to you wherever you are in the world. These sessions consist of virtual communication beforehand, followed by an hour long healing session whereby Dani sits in front of a mandala and undertakes the session in the same manor than if you were present in the space. As with face-to-face sessions the possibilities are infinite.


Sessions start at 120 Euros but may be subject to change  


With the right attitude and belief there are no limitations to the healing

that can be undertaken in these sessions. 


“I’m actually just a channel, a clean channel that is allowing the divine grace to flow through me to support you.” Dani says.

DANI SHER - Crystal Healing
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