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Siddhalinga Pendent

What is it?
This tool will keep you well grounded and centred, keep
your energy field clear, and harmonise all your chakras,
meridians and organs.
Is rosewood pendant is the result of 15 years of research,
experiments and collection of magic artefacts!
The base is the Navpashnam salt, an ancestral alchemical
preparation made of 9 puri ed metals, designed by Siddha
Masters in India. It is then mixed with sacred ashes
(vibhuti) from powerful Vedic rituals
and contains pure organic essential oils of jatamansi, rose,
and white sage.
It is also boosted and encoded with Royal Gems Vibrations
of Diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, imperial topaz, yellow
sapphire, blue apatite, yellow quartz, re opal, mandarin
garnet, hessonite, pearl, emerald, red beryl and two
meteorites: aurauralite and moldavite.
A Light Language grid, coming from the Mayan tradition,
made of sacred geometry shapes and colours is
programmed to boost all the effects of the preparation.
Quantum encoders, Crystal singing bowls in 432 Hz are
also part of the process of creation.
The full preparation takes place while reciting the Gayatri

What does it do?
The SIDDHALINGA pendant helps you to remain well
grounded and centred, to keep your energy field clear, and
to harmonise all chakras, meridians and organs. Its effects
work in an 8 meters radius action around you. You will feel
more energised, more flexible and less tired while travelling
or using computers and cellphones for example.
It informs your all crystalline structure (your fower of life
structure) with a high frequency of healing and protection.
It also scans your whole body system in real-time and
adjusts your energy field as necessary.
You will feel it as soon as you wear it.
The first days it is even advised not to wear it the full time
but to allow breaks, to let your body adjust to this new
It helps for yoga, for all spiritual practices like meditation,
chi kung, healing work or shamanic ceremonies. You can
use it on painful areas of the body or energise your chakras.
To reset it to its maximum potential, we provide a specially
activated mandala that will restore and upgrade its power.
For this, just put the SIDDHALINGA Pendant on the
mandala for a couple of hours.
You will discover yourself the many possibilities of this
amazing tool. Just allow your creativity to unfold

The Siddhalinga Pendant

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  • Harmonize and protect your whole cellular system-
    This tool will keep you well grounded and centred, keep
    your energy eld clear, and harmonise all your chakras,
    meridians and organs.

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