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- Harmonise and protect your home
It protects your living space from harmful radiations and
This tool will bring a pure and harmonic energy to your
home and provide a powerful and peaceful environment for
meditation, yoga, and all spiritual practices.

What Is it?
This rosewood Buddha head is the perfect companion of the
SIDDHALINGA pendant. The result of 15 years of
research, experiments and collection of magic artefacts, this
tool will transform and protect your living space to make it
more sacred and harmonious.
The base is the Navpashnam salt, an ancestral alchemical
preparation made of 9 puri ed metals, designed by Siddha
Masters in India. It is then mixed with sacred ashes
(vibhuti) from powerful Vedic rituals and contains pure
organic essential oils of jatamansi, rose, and white sage.
It is also boosted and encoded with Royal Gems Vibrations
of Diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, imperial topaz, yellow
sapphire, blue apatite, yellow quartz, re opal, mandarin
garnet, hessonite, pearl, emerald, red beryl and two
meteorites: aurauralite and moldavite.
A Light Language grid, coming from the Mayan tradition,
made of sacred geometry shapes and colours is
programmed to boost all the effects of the preparation.
Quantum encoders, Crystal singing bowls in 432 Hz are
also part of the process of creation. The full preparation
takes place while reciting the Gayatri mantra.
What does it do?
The SIDDHALINGA GUARDIAN generates a torus field
of harmonic and coherent energy around itself, in a 22
meters radius sphere.
It neutralises all harmful radiations like microwaves from
cell phones, wifi, computers and mental negativity
generated by the collective mind. It balances all energies
and harmonises geopathogenic zones of your house.
It also channels and radiates the energy of the Siddha
masters, which is perfect for all kind of spiritual practices
like yoga, meditation, chi gong, or shamanic work.
You can programme it like the Siddhalinga pendant with
specific intentions that will fit your needs. For example, you
can ask to be more focused, or more patient, or more
compassionate when you are around it.
Th mandala on the bottom maintains its energetic level and
acts as a recycle bin. Therefore it doesn't need any
maintenance or cleaning. You can place it on your altar or
in a dedicated area in the centre of your living space. When
you meditate or practice your sadhana, you can consciously
connect to it and ask its support to be more focused and to
get better results.
With time, you will discover yourself the many possibilities
of this amazing tool. Simply allow your creativity to

The Siddhalinga Guardian

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  • Harmonise and protect your home
    It protects your living space from harmful radiations and

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